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“SecurAI’s team is dedicated to providing good results.”

March 25, 2021

We started working with SecurAI a bit by accident. Our marketing team was not really looking for text analytics or social media listening services. But one of our team members heard about DrAI and its services, mentioned it and it sparked our interest.

Our collaboration with SecurAI has been interesting and fruitful though not linear.
The first round of scraping, analysis and results was unsatisfying. We did not find the answers to our questions in the report. We were confused by the results.

But SecurAI’s team did not leave it to that when we voiced our confusion. DrAI’s team is dedicated to helping you and to providing good results. So we sat down with their chief scientist, Mark, and re-thought completely the protocol of the research. Mark guided us and educated us to the potential and the scope of DrAI’s services. Mark is quite a genius and clearly an expert in his field. Together we built a lexic of all the notions that were of interest to us, we redefined the scope of the research and what we wanted.

With the new protocol, the second round of scraping, analysis and results fulfilled our expectations. I was astonished by the quality of the insights SecurAI provided us. And as a result, we are taking our collaboration further through a joint media outreach project to promote the findings of the research.

So even though we had a wonky start, I would definitely recommend my network to use SecurAI’s services. They take the time to listen and tailor the project to your needs and expectations.

Based on this first collaboration experience, we are open to the idea to ask SecurAI to conduct a follow-up research in a couple of years to compare the progress and shifts made overtime.

Ilona Kangas, Vice President Customer Relations and Communications at YTK.

Learn more about the case we did for YTK here on their blog.

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