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Business and Industrial Marketing in the Post-Covid19 Era

November 5, 2020

After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, there was a massive interest in the business implications of the crisis. We were interested in understanding what companies could learn from the first wave of the virus. However, it was challenging to construct a holistic, systemic view by talking to managers and reading business news across the world. Moreover, we wanted to create this understanding fast, as there were several calls for papers in academic journals with tight deadlines. 

When I heard about SecurAI’s algorithm, I immediately realized that this startup could help us to get accurate results fast. We designed a study together with Valtteri, and then the company handled everything from scraping the data to statistical analysis of the results. We received a structured report listing and detailing the seven main discussions on the business implications of COVID-19. We were able to focus on writing the theoretical part, managerial implications, and future research agenda. I liked our collaboration, and I am looking forward to our future projects with SecurAI. 

Professor Cristina Mele
Professor of Management, University of Naples Federico II

The results of our collaboration have not been made public yet. They are to be published in Business and Industrial Marketing in the Post-Covid19 Era - a special issue of the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.

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