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SecurAI you said?

November 19, 2020

SecurAI is a text analytics company: we analyze massive amounts of text data from Social Media, customer feedback, open-ended questions, forums, reviews, transcripts, etc.

The company was founded in February 2020 by 3 Phd academics and has its roots in the Fulbright program.

Using cutting-edge AI and machine learning, SecurAI derives accurately the true concerns and thinking patterns of people with a 99.51% statistical accuracy.

We use our proprietary algorithm to conduct topic and sentiment analysis. Combined, these 2 are also known as ‘Opinion mining’. We provide more than a simple classification into positive, neutral and negative comments/messages. We classify data in a wide range of emotions/feelings, even when mixed within a single message.

SecurAI in not a mere text analytics solution, but full-service text analytics. We take care of the whole project from data scraping and collection to analyzing, to interpreting, to testing, to visualizing & reporting, to finally advising. All we need to perform is a brief from you, collaborators. We co-create your text analytics research projects with you to suit your needs and to provide the best results.

With the findings we provide, understand the feelings/concerns/wishes of your customers/patients/users/stakeholders/subjects more accurately than ever. It will drive better, more informed decisions in your organization. Communicate with stakeholders more efficiently and meaningfully, especially if you aim for co-creation. We enable complex co-creation: no matter how long and intertwined the conversation with your audience gets, we will reap a 100% of the value in there.

What we provide is pure actionable Business Intelligence.
We do it fast: first results can be delivered in 24 hours. (*)
We do it worldwide: we analyze data in 60+ languages.

We serve everyone: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies, Energy companies, Startups, Education Institutions, Consulting Agencies, Marketing/Communication/PR/Branding Agencies, Public Entities, Research Institutes, Non-governmental organizations, etc.

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