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“SecurAI interprets internal textual data for us”

September 22, 2020

As a change agency, Ellun Kanat helps building a change-intelligent strategy and culture. On the one hand, this requires showing the direction of change. On the other hand, we need to make change visible and strengthen organizations’ capabilities to change. To excel in all this, we need good quality data and proper text analytics tools for analyzing it.

This means collecting massive amounts of data. And trust me, it can feel burdensome, when you do not have the correct text analysis tools for it. From going through thousands of tweets to analyzing hundreds of open-ended survey questions, it is important that insight is created instantly, so that our clients can react fast, and advance in their change processes.

To answer to our need, we started to collaborate with SecurAI in April 2020. We were first thrilled about the startup’s unique skills in text analysis on social media. They were able to understand the discussion in the Twittersphere far better than any other text analytics tools we had used before. They provided relevant insight about topical social questions and public discussion when analyzing social media platforms. We soon realized that they could also help us with analyzing the internal data that our clients had.

In practice, SecurAI can categorize any textual data into topics, run accurate sentiment analyses, and interpret the results for us. It is amazing how easy their analysts make it for us. We do not need to teach the machines on how to categorize the words or be puzzled about the findings. DrAI just takes the client’s data and tells us how to interpret it. We can focus on our expertise and help organizations to change.

Be it open-ended survey questions, tweets or feedback on customer experience, I can warmly recommend SecurAI to perform text analysis on your internal textual data.

Pessi Marttunen

Ellun Kanat

Senior Advisor & Communications Consultant

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