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Customers need to feel comfortable using AI-based solutions

July 21, 2020

Companies developing solutions based on artificial intelligence are often technologically-oriented. They are interested in making the AI better than humans in decision making. Yet, often AI-based solutions are perceived difficult to implement, and this is detrimental to the business. Academic research shows that customers need to feel that it is easy to use the service as well as need social confirmation of the use of AI.

Belanche et al. (2019) studied the adoption of finance technology (FinTech) robo-advisors. Their results suggest that attitude is the strongest predictor of behavioral intention to use financial robo-advisors, followed by subjective norms. Positive attitude is driven by perceived ease of use and usefulness of the solution. However, ease of use and usefulness do not drive the adoption alone. Instead, customers also need to feel it socially accepted to use the AI, and they may seek information from sources around them to better interpret and navigate it.

While their study focuses on FinTech, there are other similar studies that highlight the importance of perceived ease of use and usefulness of AI-based solutions. For instance, Alhashmi et al. (2019) found that both perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness affect positively on the intention to implement artificial intelligence projects in the healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates.

From Day 1, SecurAI has focused on the ease of use and perceived usefulness. While we could have developed a user interface and guide our clientele for using our algorithm as a product, we wanted to provide the insight as a service. As a result, the customers are not paying for the AI but the results that it gives. Importantly, the customers do not need to have any technological or mathematical skills to get or interpret the results. It is enough that SecurAI’s experts know what the customer’s problem is. The customer does not need to spend months building up frameworks for interpretation or hire machine learning experts to teach the machine.

In order to make the customers feel comfortable using the service, SecurAI aims at making all clients public references with testimonials, so that new customers can feel more comfortable using the fast and accurate text analytics service. We do realize that this is not always possible but we hope that the testimonials that we are able to provide makes everyone feel comfortable trying our service and continue its use after findings it easy and useful.

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