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The story of SecurAI

Once upon a time, there was a young PhD student, who wanted to know how the society around us influences the way we think about different things.

The contemporary literature did not have a clear answer. So, he went back to the classics, and read and read and read.

At the same time, there was another PhD student, who wanted to know how the context influences market exchange.

The contemporary literature did not have a clear answer. So, he went back to the classics, and read and read and read.

These PhD students were surrounded by learnt professors, who had read the same classics, and had figured out things that no one else had before. They developed unique ideas that challenged our thinking.

Fortunately, one of these professors shared the interests of the PhD students, with an additional interest in the formation of public opinion, communications, logic of text, and computer-aided content analysis. Naturally, he had a high proficiency of statistics and knew how to code. His passion was to code an algorithm that would help him to see what the public thinks and how a computer could know that from any textual data without the need for teaching the machine to analyze every unique context.

The professor joined the forces with the two PhD students. The first one helped him to advance the codebase with novel ideas. The second one helped him to understand how the algorithm could be relevant (read: revolutionary) for understanding the business environment. Embedded with decades of academic knowledge, the program was able to provide interesting insight faster and more accurately than any other commercially available solution. To be honest, you don’t need a PhD to realize that this is super important for decision makers.

In February 2020, they decided to leave their day jobs and cofounded SecurAI. They felt that the solution should be available for everyone. The team started providing services to all organizations that were interested in learning about what people think – from marginalized youth in Europe to politically active US voters. As taking any actions requires the understanding of what people think, it was more challenging to identify companies who were not interested in their offering than actually finding them and closing deals.

The team had developed an algorithm that worked better than any other solution that the customers had seen before. The PhD students (now seasoned-academics-turned-into-entrepreneurs) and the professor (now fulltime-entrepreneur) were happy seeing that years of reading had paid off with a great impact to the society. They realized that they made lives of thousands of people easier by implanting their knowledge in the algorithm that worked without any effort needed from the customer side.

Thanks to SecurAI, while reading classics is recommended, not everyone needs to do that.


Miika Vähämaa

CEO & Research Director, Co-founder

Dr. Miika Vähämaa, CEO, holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Helsinki. He has a background in academic research and has also worked as a business consultant, a journalist and a university lecturer as well. Miika yearns for understanding how the society around us influences the way we think about different things. And that is what lead him to co-found SecurAI a couple of years down the line. As Research Director and CEO, his experience in advanced textual analysis techniques and statistical analysis is crucial and enables SecurAI to meet its clients' expectations and goals. For any partnership or integration project, please contact Miika directly.

Joseph Modi

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Modi is a young entrepreneur that that started quite early in his entrepreneurial journey in Nairobi. His passion for business and entrepreneurship enabled him to participate in competitions where he landed a scholarship at Centonomy Entrepreneur, a renown entrepreneurship institution in Nairobi. Having studied Business Administraton and Management at Daystar University, he has been able to acquire practical skills that aid him in the world of business. Besides that, Joseph has some significant amount of knowlege and experience in finance and digital marketing. He has been providing financial services to organizations and over the past few years, Joseph has managed social media accounts for several organizations and helped them gain visibility and convert leads into customers.
You can contact Joseph by mail at P.O. Box: 76693-00508, NAIROBI, KENYA.

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