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We at SecurAI (read Secure A.I.) analyze massive amounts of text data from News Media, Social Media, customer feedback, open-ended questions, forums, reviews and transcripts with our automated software.


Our core team has worked in academia and consulting for over 20 years and as a result founded SecurAI to automatise and provide more value for less strain. We employ experts in communication, social psychology and international business. SecurAI has its roots in the Fulbright program.

The power of AI at your fingertips

SecurAI has developed an advanced algorithm that uses AI and machine learning to produce accurate insights about the true concerns and thinking patterns of people with at least a 99% statistical accuracy.

Language agnostic

Our AI can handle over 100 languages and understand the feelings, concerns and wishes of any key stakeholders (customers, patients, users, shareholders, subjects) more accurately than anything on the market. We produce actionable, easy-to-grasp Business Intelligence that will set you apart from the competition.

Educational institutions

Teaching is repeating. But knowledge evolves and the environment, the context - social, political, economical - keeps on changing. Education providers must adapt to those changes to stay competitive, relevant and in tune with their time and context. When it comes to education, a large part of the data available to make informed decisions is unstructured, text-based: syllabus, feedback, law...

NGOs & nonprofits

Business intelligence and text analytics capabilities are not reserved to for-profits. You can provide more good to the world by being better informed. Nonprofits are per say on a competitive market for donations and public fundings. Leveraging business intelligence can only help your organization find and address its potential donors better, faster, at lower cost.

Energy providers

Power, as in energy, is a crucial commodity. Producing and delivering power are activities responding to a dire need, are intensive in investment therefore risky ventures that must provide return. But, the sector is also under growing scrutiny with the rise of environmentalism. Energy providers are not anonymous yet essential commodity providers, managing reputation and PR is becoming crucial.

Marketing, Communication, PR and Consulting specialists

At the end of the day, a firms’ success depends on the end-consumer’s opinion & satisfaction as well as on public opinion.

Researchers & Academics

Globalization makes the world intertwined. Nevertheless, research is too often limited in its scope by language and time issues. Research is the future, it should be free of limits to offer its full potential.

Retail & Consumer Product

Consumer knowledge and on-point communication are at the essence of success in these industries. And margins for error have shrunk dramatically with the rise of social media, review platforms, etc. Word-of-mouth & feedback are your best asset, especially to innovate and develop your offerings.

Governments & Public Entities

The public sector faces increasing pressure to optimize its services and offerings while working under considerable time constraint - political cycles are shorter than the projects and policies implemented. On the other hand, constituents have never had so many channels and ways of expressing themselves with regards to public offerings and policies: social media, blogs, demonstrations, associations…

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare providers

Care. Heath. There is a lot more to it than what can be measured through tests, with numbers. A lot of it is interactions, reports, text-based.

Banking & Financial sector

People who put their money in a bank are more than customers; they are more like partners. Trust in this kind of intimate relationship is of the utmost importance. It requires hard work and clear communication.

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