Find meaning
where you didn’t know it exists.

Healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, consulting companies and financial institutions trust us to analyze their highly sensitive data, to detect weak signals and transform them into actionable insights.

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SecurAI Insight - turn data into business intelligence

Are you struggling with a huge amount of unstructured data? SecurAI can help you.

Transform chaos and uncertainty into order and meaning

Employ the most complex sentiment analysis algorithm to detect the weakest signals. We analyse 100+ languages and provide accurate relevant insight.

Based on reviews on

Feed the algorithm

SecurAI has a unique ability to understand a large panel of textual data, hierarchical documents, and even calls and audio files that we transcript for you.

Unlike other text analytics services, SecurAI does not rely on keywords but the actual notions and meaning behind each piece of text.

Detect weak signals

For every piece of data, SecurAI analyses billions of words
and syntactical features, including domain-specific vocabularies (e.g. medical terms).

Trough our partnerships with scraping global leaders, SecurAI enables you to benefit from external data sources like review pages or social media platforms. We get you the big picture.

Use the insights

SecurAI can tag documents in a reliable and conformant framework, in compliancne and harmony with guidelines from your government and international agencies.

Insights are presented in a simple way, easy to grasp and to use. SecurAI can integrate the insights into your own existing dashboards, like an add-on.

We collaborate with those who value discretion around their data

More than analysis, we provide value. Our accuracy diminishes your risks. That’s why leading organizations entrust their data to SecurAI.




Our Values


At SecurAI, we understand that business data is mission-critical and that privacy is of the essence. We treat business data with the same level of discretion and attention usually reserved to health or other personal data.


Data security is an imperative. At SecurAI,  we believe that security should extend to all types of data, not just transactional data or health data. That is why we use end-to-end encryption every step of the way.


Complying with national and transnational regulations regarding data - transfer, safety, and privacy - is a must for any firm nowadays. Compliance is not an afterthought at SecurAI; it is built into every decision we make.


SecurAI’s board and team are committed to working with organizations that are transparent about their funding sources, their business practices and about the legality of their operations. Moreover, we take pride in having created an unbiased AI.

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